Healthy eating is our first preference. Blu Beach in Mellieha provides their customers with a variety of healthy eating and drinking options.

At Blu Beach you can experience a newfound sense of joy while relaxing with a healthy drink and while indugling in our delicious Burrata salad. Made up of avocados, cherry tomatoes, Parma ham crisps, arugula and lemon infused extra virgin olive oil, topped off with a generous mozzarella ball. You can indulge in this Italian-inspired speciality completely guilt-free!

Healthy Eating and drinking at Blu Beach Club is where Mellieha Bay experience begins.
Blũ Beach Club – accent on ũ! Claim your slice of heaven on http://bit.ly/BluBeach

About Mellieha Bay

Mellieha is the northernmost town in Malta. Unless you are specifically visiting the island’s largest sandy beach or actually staying in Mellieha itself, it is often dismissed as a place to visit. If travelling to Gozo you’ll pass through Mellieha to get to and from the ferry terminal. Like other Maltese villages, Mellieha is well worth visiting.

Mellieha bay, also known as Ghadira bay, is the largest and most popular Malta beach. Ghadira bay is named after the Mellieha village which is very close by upon the hill.

The sea is shallow for a long stretch along the beach. The average level is fifteen to sixty centimetres all depending to the daily natural currents. This offers many possibilities for many to entertain themselves relaxing or playing in the shallow waters.

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